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The Unexpected Benefits of a Door Stop

Even if you are extremely careful opening your doors, without door stops you risk doing severe damage to your doors. All it takes is a strong gust of wind or a little too much exertion and your door handle can put a huge dent in your wall or door. While a door stop’s primary function is to prevent damage to your walls, there are also other benefits that they bring to your home.

Reduce injury

Doors can be a source of injury for both children and pets. If a door is caught by the wind or is swung shut quickly, unsuspecting fingers or paws can get caught in the door jam. By keeping your doors open with a door stop you can reduce the risk of injuries and keep your family safe.

Make them decorative

These days there are huge range of sizes and styles of door stops available. You can choose from half-moons, wall mounted, plunger, magnetic, square and round style door stops or opt for the more secure door holder. You can choose a style that complements the style of your home and matches your door handles.

Easier than door wedges

Instead of permanent door stops, many people have door wedges. While door wedges are cheaper than door stops, they are not fixed and tend to slip or slide on hardwood, concrete or tiled floors. Likewise, on carpeted floors where there is excess friction, door wedges can be difficult to remove.
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