How to Protect Your Home When You’re on Vacation

September 15, 2018

While planning a holiday is fun and exciting time, it does come with a lot of planning: organising flights, itineraries, pet-sitting and accommodation. While these things are all important, you need to ensure that your home is left safe and secure. To help you out, here are some simple tips to protect your home when you’re on vacation.

Get someone to check on the house

When you go away it’s always best to have a friend or family member check on your home. Ask them to put out and pull in your bins each week and to collect any mail. This way they can keep an eye on things and it looks like you’re home, making you less susceptible to theft.

Don’t leave spare keys out

Many people hide keys outside their home in case they forget a key or get locked out. While this may be convenient, it’s incredibly risky. Under door mats, in the mailbox, under fake rocks, thieves know all about the common hiding spots, so don’t risk it! Collect all your hidden keys and store them securely inside before you go.

Lock up everything

While this may seem like common sense, when you are rushing out the door to catch a flight it’s easy to forget to lock up properly. Ensure all doors and windows are locked up and dead bolted and that external gates are padlocked or locked up securely.

Install high quality locks

Over the years the locks on your home can deteriorate and the alignment of your door can compromise your lock’s integrity. If you have locks older than seven years, then it’s time to invest in new lock cases.
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