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Having Quality Lock Cases For Your Doors Is Imperative For Your Peace Of Mind

Knowing you have quality lock cases as part of your door hardware, is imperative for your peace of mind. When it comes to locking your doors at night, or when you leave for work during the day, you want to know your home is secure. At Handles Plus on the Gold Coast, we only stock quality lock cases that are built to last. We do this by only working with reputable brands like Delf Architectural, and more!

We Have A Wide Range Of Finishes Available

  • Brass
  • Chrome plate
  • Satin chrome plate and
  • Florentine bronze, to name a few!

You can also shop to your style! We source from a range of trusted suppliers so we can give you a massive range of design choice. We believe that small elements like door hardware make big impacts to the overall design of your office and home, even lock cases!

Building A Gold Coast Home, And Unsure Of What Door Hardware You Need?

Are you building a home on the Gold Coast, or anywhere, and feeling unsure about the type of door hardware you need? We welcome you to come to the Handles Plus showroom on the Gold Coast, and have a chat with our friendly staff.
Our staff can walk you through all of your door hardware options, so you can get exactly what you need. From handles, to cylinders, to lock cases and more. Handles Plus staff are experts on all the ins and outs of door hardware. If you’re new to renovation or building, all of the choices you need to make can be overwhelming! If you have a question about door hardware, we can answer it!

Do You Have A Specific Style Idea In Mind?

If you already have an existing home, and you are just looking to update, or if you are building a new home, and you know your style, we can still help! At Handles Plus, we are committed to helping you with all your door hardware needs. If you want to match an existing style or concept we can help you find lock cases to fit that style perfectly.
Swing by our showroom today or contact us!