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Levers vs. doorknobs which should you choose

When you are making important decisions while renovating or building your home, you already have a lot on your plate without worrying about small door hardware! You need solid facts to make some quick but informed decisions, so here are a few factors about levers and doorknobs you should know before buying them:

Door Knobs

Door knobs are classic additions to your door, they give a look of class and style to your door. They are perfect for aged houses if you are renovating them. Also the locks used in old fashioned homes goes with doorknobs. There are a number of style, finish and shape to choose from; so they are more aesthetically suited for the door than other options.

Doorknobs needs twisting, which requires added force. This makes doorknobs inconvenient to use for people with arthritis in the hands and wrists, for toddlers, or just wet hands. Although oval or egg shaped knobs provide more grip than traditional round shaped doorknobs.

Door Levers

Lever handles are the thing of the present; which is available in both modern and traditional styles. They can be uses indoors as well as outdoors, and they are more user friendly in terms of the additional force needed.

One can just open the door using the elbow even if their hands are full, and that makes handles suitable for almost every door possible. Also, since lever handles are fitted away from the door of the frame, there is no chance of catching one’s knuckles on the frame. Lever handles are available in many finishes, size and styles so as to fit any architectural design.

Although easy to use and aesthetically pleasing, lever handles need regular maintenance as they contain springs. The basic shape of the handle might cause catching loose clothing, which is a con of using a lever. Although it’s user friendliness beats all the cons, as it’s great for people who are busy.

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