Handy Tips to Find the Right Door Hinge

August 15, 2018

Contrary to popular belief, there are many kinds of door hinges. To help you understand the different types of door hinges and their uses, here is a list of the most common hinges and their possible applications:

Ball Bearing Hinge

This heavy-duty hinge is great for use on heavy doors. These hinges are permanently lubricated allowing for a much smoother door swing.

Double Action Spring Hinge

While this lighter weight hinge is not recommended for heavy doors, it is commonly used on kitchen doors, dining room doors and two-way swinging doors.

Flush Hinge

A very commonly used hinge, this variety is most often used on cabinet doors and lightweight doors. These hinges aren’t the most appealing are best when concealed.

Swing and sway Hinge

This hinge is popularly in commercial building in café style doors. These hinges are quite temperamental and require perfect alignment for full functionality.

Continuous Hinge

These distribute the weight of a door across the entire length of the hinge. They are commonly used in the fabrication of toolboxes, canopies, caravans and trailers.

Butt Hinge

Probably the most common hinge of all time, butt hinges come in all different sizes. Reliable, durable and neat, these hinges can be used on almost any door. Most butt hinges are made of steel but can be combined with other materials to prevent corrosion.

Concealed Hinge

These hinges are subtle and discreet and can be adjusted after they are installed. They generally come in two sizes: 25mm and 36mm.

Bi-Fold Hinges

This flexible hinge has multiple pivot points, allowing a door to swing more tightly or open from both directions.

Heavy Duty Hinge

These durable, industrial strength hinges are used for heavy duty doors and come in a range of styles.
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