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Different types of handles and locks

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When it comes to building your dream house, every little detail need to be perfect. Before buying the hardware for your doors, you can use some information on different types of door handles, locks etc. There are many types of doors in a home, and they need different types of hardware depending on their variety.

Here are an overview of commonly used type of door handles and locks:

Lever Handles

Lever handles are a type of lever attached door latch. They do not need firm grasping and twisting to open the door unlike doorknobs, so they are more user friendly option compared to other types of door handles. They offer a wide variety of options to use different types of lock cases and back plates. You can use these handles on a variety of type of doors, using round roses to long back plates. Entrance, passage or closet, privacy, bedroom or bath, classroom, office—lever handles can be used on any door.

Pull Handles

Pull handles are the ones you grip and pull to open a door. They are modern, sleek and gives a modern look to any door. They are specially used on double doors, to grip on side and pull the other to open the doors. They are often used to make a dramatic statement to adorn a contemporary styled property.

There are four basic types of lock sets being used in door hardware nowadays:

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