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Door handles are small and somewhat ordinary parts of your house that you don’t usually think about unless they give you trouble. Think of a handle-less door. Can you live in a house with faulty door handles? It would be quite difficult to do that. It’s pretty important to choose the right type of door handles in the first try so they are durable, lasts longer and does not malfunction.

So where can you get premium quality handles for your doors, cabinets etc., can choose from a wide range of designs and also at competitive prices? Your destination is Handles plus Queensland, and here’s why:

We have been doing it for a long time

Handles Plus took its first step on the Gold Coast in 1996 and made a name as a leading supplier of architectural hardware and cabinet-ware since then. Over two decades of our time here, we have created the most amazing collection for our valued customers. We provide warranty with all our products.

Our range of products is most comprehensive

Our collection of products include internal door furniture, entry pull handles, locks, door stops, hinges, bolts, window fittings over 100 square meters and 3500 cabinet handles etc. All of it is on display, for you to come visit it and choose the perfect fit for your doors!

There’s nothing we can’t handle!

Be it a lever handle or pull, lock cases or cylinders, hinges or door stops, we have it all in our collection. You can get a beautiful door handle for your front door at Handles Plus. Your kitchen renovation will yield ever better results when you use our cabinet handles for the kitchen cabinets!

We will help you pick your match

If you are not quite sure about what you want, we are happy to help you. Shopping for your new home becomes a walk in the park at Handles Plus. Bring your house plan and one of our experts will help you pick the right products for your precious home!

When you buy our products, not only you get the best door hardware for your house but also the largest range of options! So when you need to get a grip, think Handles Plus!

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