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Door lock maintenance tips

We use door locks every day, more than once or twice. But do we maintain it as much as we use it? Locks are mechanical hardware that needs maintenance just as much any other machine does. The average lock lasts about approximately seven years, but lack of proper maintenance might reduce this time. Here’s how… Read more »

Levers vs. doorknobs which should you choose

When you are making important decisions while renovating or building your home, you already have a lot on your plate without worrying about small door hardware! You need solid facts to make some quick but informed decisions, so here are a few factors about levers and doorknobs you should know before buying them: Door Knobs… Read more »

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Different types of handles and locks

When it comes to building your dream house, every little detail need to be perfect. Before buying the hardware for your doors, you can use some information on different types of door handles, locks etc. There are many types of doors in a home, and they need different types of hardware depending on their variety…. Read more »

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What to know before buying door handles

Whether it’s for the front door or the interior doors of the house, there are a few things you need to know before buying door handles that you are going to live with forever! So what are the things you need to look up before buying the handles? Here are some features of handles you… Read more »

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How to maintain your door handles right

No matter how small it is, door handles need as much maintenance as any other hardware of your house. Dirty and unkempt handles can deteriorate, rust, get damaged fast and also dull down the look of your home. You can maintain the handles in your home regularly, just these simple factors will help you. Depending… Read more »

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Why Choose Handles Plus

Door handles are small and somewhat ordinary parts of your house that you don’t usually think about unless they give you trouble. Think of a handle-less door. Can you live in a house with faulty door handles? It would be quite difficult to do that. It’s pretty important to choose the right type of door… Read more »